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The threat of the World Health Organization to Our Children and Sovereignty


​ In January of 2022 the Biden Administration sent amendments to the World Health Organization (WHO) which would allow the WHO to intervene into the affairs of nations who are “suspected” of having a health emergency. World leaders are already discussing the next pandemic. This amendment would nullify the powers of nation states, give the WHO global jurisdiction over the United States, and declare a health emergency allowing economic or financial actions along with harm and control. During COVID the WHO pushed democratic nations to implement lockdowns, mandates, vaccine passports, and digital surveillance which all dictate employment, travel, and education. A vote will occur within the next year on this amendment. The 76th WHO Assembly just occurred on May 21-30, 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland where the WHO Chief stated the world must be ready to respond to [the] next pandemic, such that the “threat of another variant emerging that causes new surges of disease and death remains, and the threat of another pathogen emerging with even deadlier potential remains”.  

​ In addition the WHO has an agenda to sexualize children. Their document “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe” contains the following for Kindergartens and elementary schools: "Children between 0 and 4 years old must learn about masturbation and develop an interest in their own and other’s bodies; children between 4 and 6 years old must learn about masturbation and be encouraged to express their sexual needs and wishes; Children between 6 and 9 years must learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography, having a secret love, and self stimulation; Children between 9 and 12 years should have their first sexual experience to learn to use online pornography”.

Giving jurisdiction to the WHO not only threatens our sovereignty but also threatens the continued sexualization of our children who are actively being groomed in public schools across the United States. COVID lockdowns gave parents the opportunity to see what is happening in classrooms across the nation. Groups like Moms for Liberty sprung up across the nation to help evaluate what books are filing classrooms and many of these books contain explicit sexual photos for elementary age children and books preparing our children to be sex trafficked in what is already one of our nation’s largest commodities, the trafficking of our precious children.

Parental rights have been under attack and legislation is not even passing in Republican controlled State houses like Virginia to even allow parents to know when their child has changed their gender or is being trafficked. This recently occurred with Sage’s law in Virginia in which a student identified as another gender and subsequently was trafficked and the parents were not notified. We have to do everything we can to bring transparency and protect our most treasured asset, our children. There are children transitioning without their parents knowing and it’s become a big business. It’s becoming more and more complex between states. Recently a child ran away in Washington State, ended up in a shelter but got kicked out where she then ended up in State’s custody in Kansas. The mom came searching for their teenage child, ended up being arrested and held in jail for 21 days where they forced a psych and mental health evaluation on the mom, and their child was trying to return to Washington State to have transition surgery as a minor as it became legal in Washington State with the passing of Washington State House Bill 5599 on May 9th, 2023. Kansas has been claiming jurisdiction which is stopping any rash decisions without parental involvement. Cases like this are becoming more and more common. Courts have been weaponized against parents, legislation even in Red State Houses are not protecting parental rights, and we are left with many children who have grown up as adults regretting the decisions they made as a child. Gender assignment surgery is not something you can go back and change at a later date, those medical consequences you are left with for the rest of your life. According to many who changed their gender it did not increase their happiness factor and they have a plethora of medical problems they are left to deal with for the rest of their life which affects the basic things in their quality of life.

In Conclusion, we must pay more attention to the World Health Organization vote which can end our sovereignty and continue the sexualization of young children while there needs to be informed consent to under age children who decide to change their gender. There needs to be sweeping informed consent bills across the nation from knowing whats in our food, to knowing the interactions of medications particularly in the Veteran community, to educating children and parents fully on the outcomes of gender assignment surgery.

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