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Kimberly has been on the ground in the community getting it done.

Image by Hannah Busing

ANTI-CORRUPTION and Community Revitalization

Kimberly has been cleaning up the corruption that is hurting our communities and families for a long time from helping overturn city councils to working with Mayors to assisting with cleaning up small town embezzlement of funds.. Kimberly is ensuring your tax dollars go back into the community.

Family Court and Child Welfare Reforms

Kimberly has worked with legislators across the nation at the State and Federal level helping push and create policy that makes our families stronger and keep our children safe, and worked one on one with families across the nation to help them navigate through the family court and child welfare system.

Children Playing

Domestic Violence

Kimberly has worked on Domestic Violence Awareness, Prevention, and Resources including help start a transitional shelter.

Education and Special Education

Kimberly has been able to secure funding for special needs students when funding was unable to secure during COVID so special needs students could continue to go to school and learn.

Happy Children
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