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Kimberly has worked diligently in solving the homeless crisis and getting people the resources they need. She has been successful at getting people off the street, back with their families, clean off of drugs, and back on their feet!

Kim with homeless.jpg

Wildlife Rescue

Kimberly has volunteered at wildlife rescue centers to help rehabilitate all sorts of wildlife to be re-released from deer to birds.

Whitetailed deer fawn standing in an open field in summer.jpg


Kimberly has helped family and family with their immigration legally into the country. The government has over complicated the process and made it a costly and burdensome task to try to bring family members into the US for hard working citizens while millions enter the country illegally.

diversity, immigration, friendship and people concept - international group of happy smili

Helping Our Seniors

Kimberly has volunteered with the League of Older Americans to deliver Meals on Wheels, has volunteered at adult day care centers, and has helped organize activities at homes for special needs adults


Monarch Butterfly Monitoring

Kimberly has caught and tagged Monarch butterflies to track and monitor them.

Two Monarch Butterflies with wings spread on a Pink Cone Flower.jpg


Kimberly has spent years controlling the dog and cat populations from city to rural settings by catching, neutering/spaying, releasing, or rehoming.

cute fluffy friends a corgi dog and a tabby cat sit together in a sunny spring meadow.jpg
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