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First Responder Support

Kimberly helped secure funding for area police officers by working with local boards and Sheriffs.

Police Cars

Sustainable Farming

Kimberly has been involved with hemp legislation early on and industrial hemp advocacy, education, and networking in order to ensure industrial hemp can improve Virginia's economy, help the environment, bring jobs, and help our farmers.

She has also worked in partnership with Virginia State University to find ways to diversity and increase productions to increase income.

Image by Frances Gunn

Litter Clean Up

Kimberly has participated in the Litter Council to ensure stewardship and respect for our local environment and to push for education for our youth in land stewardship.

Men Volunteering

Fire and Rescue

Kimberly worked on funding solutions for area fire stations so they could have the equipment needed to serve the community.

Firehouse Gear

Endangered Species

Kimberly is working on maintaining genetic biodiversity of breeding farm animals by raising one of the most endangered species of sheep in North America.


Clean Water

Kimberly has worked on area water quality, aging dams, and aging water systems.

Water Drops
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