Dismantle the IRS. You heard that right. Trillions of dollars of waste along with wasteful spending. Give tax collection back to the States and stop the bureaucratic waste.

Image by Wesley Tingey


Dismantle the Department of Education. It isn't working. Our students are failing, not ready for jobs for today, and way behind other countries. Let's make our students competitive so we don't need to import workers for high paying jobs. As a former public school teacher Kimberly has seen the system fail children again and again.

Children in School Bus


By changing federal policies money can be reallocated to make sure there is more mental health care access which would also reduce the high suicide rate.

Psychology Session


America and Virginia is using coal but we are buying it from other countries. SW VA has some of the highest quality coal. Let's create incentives to reclaim our mines and buy local coal. Let's get food back on our tables and prosperity back in deep SW VA.

Land Mining


Kimberly is working on making healthcare accessible from telemedicine to mobile health clinics and is working on deregulating policy so healthcare and insurance is more affordable! Kimberly is working with an healthcare advisor whom served under two Presidents and together they are reviewing all of the regulations that are raising the costs to you to make healthcare accessible and affordable.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Kimberly is working on multiple farm manufacturing solutions which would bring good paying jobs, increase the tax base, and help revitalize our communities.