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Kimberly plans on hiring someone who will be in head of Community Development and Revitalization. Their job will be to: 

a. Assist with stopping the embezzlement in small towns so that money can be relocated into the community

b. Work on government grants, projects in economic opportunity zones, and work with the SBA to help assist with new business start ups

c. Assist with policy that could improve communities

d. Find investors willing to come in to start up businesses that will improve communities such as a ski resort in the Haysi area/Dickinson County area and coffee shops and community centers

e. Work on bringing in greenhouses that can produce fresh food and partner with local schools to get that food into schools

f. Partner with broadband companies to bring in broadband in needed areas



a. Hire an individual to clean up the Department of Social Services/ Child Protective Services Offices in the area to make sure they are conforming to federal regulations and to assist with cleaning up family court related matters to ensure parents have rights and children are protected

b. Reallocation of Title IVE funds to Title IVB so there is not an incentive to remove children from families and rather there is an incentive to help families in crisis to deal with generational poverty, housing stability, mental health and addiction issues.

c. Hire an individual who only works on family and cps court reform bills as their full time job in Congress.

d. Reform  the Courts including stopping elder abuse, guardianship abuse, and special needs adults abuse

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Make sure prevention programs are in school to help prevent child trafficking.

Happy Children


Kimberly is working on bringing in:

a. Greenhouses which would address food access issues and provide long term jobs

b. manufacturing on American made computer chips

c. farm manufacturing

d. meat processing centers

e. modular housing to address the housing shortage and bring jobs

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a take the money from the settlement coming into the state to get people the treatment they need

b. support the REDEEM ACT

c.  secure the border, stabilize the southern countries to stop the movement of the drugs

d. centers that take the parent with children and get the parents totally clean

e. offer new drug that gets people clean until people can get into a treatment center to be fully clean.

Arm Around Shoulder


a. Amend Lautenberg Amendment

b. Amend VAWA to include boys and girls

c. Credit Repair for Survivors

d. Locally start a transitional home/shelter which will partner with the community to make sure people can get on their fit, get a job, or finish their education.

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