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Kimberly is working with top notch advisors so she will be knowledgeable from day 1 when she enters office and is meeting world leaders to ensure America stays safe and free.

Military Aircraft


Kimberly has spent extensive time at our Southern Border and not only are current bad policies incredibly inefficient, expensive and inhumane, but the unvetted individuals and drugs crossing over our borders is creating long term political instability through unnecessary migrations, but destroying our families, and posing a huge national security risk to the safety of Americans. Kimberly will make sure the border is secure while people are treated humanely and stability is found in southern border countries.

A Hug


Make sure prevention programs are in school to help prevent child trafficking.

Happy Children


Kimberly is working with advisors on every topic/subject thinkable in order to find ways to reduce a boisterous and wasteful government budget so Kimberly can get to work as soon as possible for the American people.



Let Kimberly take action to solve the opioid epidemic by taking the money from the opioid settlement coming into the state to get people the treatment they need, support the REDEEM ACT so people can end the cycle and get a fresh start, secure the border and stabilize the southern countries to stop the movement of the drugs, make sure parents get into treatment centers that take the parent with children and get the parents totally clean without dissolving their family, offer a new drug that gets people clean until people can get into a treatment center to be fully clean., and fully fund local law enforcement so they can combat the drugs in their communities along with offering statewide programs to keep kids off drugs.

Arm Around Shoulder


a. Amend Lautenberg Amendment

b. Amend VAWA to include boys and girls

c. Credit Repair for Survivors

d. Start transitional homes/shelters in localties which will partner with the community to make sure people can get on their fit, get a job, or finish their education.

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