Top Issues

Kimberly supports America First Policies and Giving the Government Back to the People, Strengthening Families, Protecting Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, Ensuring Election Integrity at all levels and farm freedoms.

Create Higher Paying Jobs

-Create more local jobs with better pay

-Bring manufacturing back to America

-Easy education and broadband access for more higher paying jobs

Providing for yourself and your family is an essential part of being an American citizen. As a parent, we pride ourselves with the ability to provide for our family and many simply cannot do so with our current job market. I am dedicated to creating higher paying jobs to strengthen families everywhere. 

Job Creation

Represent All People & Strengthen Our Families

-Giving WE THE PEOPLE a voice

-Bridge divide to create stronger communities

-End Human Trafficking

Many families and communities have been divided for many reasons. From racial inequality to easy access to education, the voice of the people has been ignored. My goal is to strengthen our families and communities by tackling tough issues head on.

Protect Your Freedom

-Second amendment which protects all rights

-1st amendment which is being destroyed

-Due process which includes prison and court reform

Protecting your freedom means protecting your Constitutional Rights such as the 1st and 2nd amendment. For years our rights have been infringed upon as due process has been ignored. It’s time to take a stand for your rights. Join me and protect your freedom.

Election Integrity

-Ensure Election Integrity

-All Levels of Government 

-All Party Levels

We can all agree that election integrity is a real issue that needs to be addressed. This is a bipartisan issue that affects everyone and all levels of government within all party levels. It’s time to end back-room dealings so the people can have faith in their government and elected officials.

Farm Freedom

-Reduce the purchase of meat and other farm products from overseas

-Buy more locally grown meat and produce

-Deregulate so farmers can prosper and the economy can grow

Farm families nationwide have been suffering under burdensome regulations that infringe on farming freedom and do not encourage the purchase of local products from local farms. This needs to change so farmers can prosper and Americans can enjoy local farm products.

Sustainable Farming - Kimberly Lowe

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