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Our Homeless

We can afford to house and feed over 150 Countries that cross our Southern Border but we can't take care of our own American people. The homeless population in Roanoke is on a wait list. While we have so many great community programs, too many are falling through the cracks. We need policy solutions now and creative community projects to address this. The funding is there. Just by revising one federal law we could open up funding to address housing stability, mental health care access, family stability, and addiction treatment.

The homeless individuals told me I'm the first who has taken time to stop to speak to them. They said they aren't looking for a handout, they are looking for a chance. Many don't have a form of identification and they can't get benefits because they don't have an address. Some have been on a waiting list for housing for months to years and some have a job but are waiting to get into housing.

Many have lost their children and needed help getting through the services they needed and many need addiction treatment help.

We discussed policy solutions, how they are treated like a number rather than a human, and how we could, with the community coming together, renovate abandoned buildings as a starting point for a place to live. We also discussed the many barriers they face including hygiene when showers aren't always available or the lines for a shower are long and packed.

If we can pay for people from 150 different countries entering our Southern Border illegally, then we can take care of our American citizens.

Join me to make a difference. Together WE CAN Make a Difference!

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