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LONG TIME, NO BLOG. First of all, apologies to my followers. I had to take some quiet time after a really hard campaign blow, mostly to think through a solution and to determine which direction to go. Further I've had to be careful to not be removed from the party because with the wrong step you can't run for 6 years with the party! Since I've been involved in politics I've seen election integrity issues from the bottom up. We, the people, need to know what is happening behind closed doors. The SWAMP starts at the bottom and boy have I and THE PEOPLE been hit over the head with these swamp creatures.

In Virginia for a primary you have to turn in 1,000 signatures from registered voters and a check for $3480. The check goes straight to the Department of Elections and the petition signatures are accepted by the Congressional Chair of the district. Did you know the party plan does not allow any oversight? One individual can simply decide to not accept your petition signatures with no questions asked and no due process. I thought I was safer with a state run primary, thinking that would prevent party election fraud but boy was I foiled!

I spent over a year on the road as a single mom with three kids traveling around campaigning and building relationships and in the blink of an eye a campaign can be stopped in it's tracks and fraud can occur. Some days I woke up and looked at my kids leaving a hotel, and I had to ask myself "IS THIS WORTH IT?", and YES, its for THEM, it's for all of US. Somebody has to walk this path and take a stand. Somebody has to FIGHT.

Overcoming that fraud is near impossible. I turned in around 1500 petition signatures to be safe and the method in which it was handled was quite appalling. On the evening of April 12th, 2022 I did not receive a phone call. I arrived at a GOP meeting and was taken to the side by a County GOP chair because the Congressional District Chair simply denied the petition signatures, named the long term career politician the incumbent, posted it on the 9th District GOP website, it then it got posted all over other GOP Facebook pages, and the Congressional Chair took the time to call the GOP chair where I was attending a meeting to tell him to tell me that I was not allowed to speak or I would be going against the nominee. Going against the nominee is 6 years banned from running in the party. It was a really poor way to handle a situation regardless of who you support.

This is a Republic and the PEOPLE CHOOSE, not a party boss, or at least......that's the way it's supposed to be. I admit this was a really hard hit. I lost my hope. I've fought and sacrificed for so long, not for me, but for ALL of US. You see, our families and communities are suffering, people don't have a voice, our Veterans don't have the care they need, many people don't have good paying jobs and barely make ends meet (like anybody can even afford to get to work right now with soaring gas prices), our education system is failing our kids, the government overreach is out of control such that we have political prisoners, the government going after good Americans, and what really hits me is the number of families being destroyed by government run courts such that we lose one child per minute to the state and around 4,000 children per day go through family court to never see a parent or grandparent again, and our elderly are being put into forced guardianships, cleaned out, and essentially murdered. The fabric of our country has been systematically destroyed for decades yet these politicians are NOT fighting for US, for YOU, for our CHILDREN, FOR OUR FUTURE.

So, there, I lost hope. It's been a hole really hard to crawl out of. I refuse to stop, but it really did slow me down. You have to understand that most of the time, politicians are installed not elected. The mess starts at the bottom and so many people lay down and take it for fear of party retaliation. But here I am, it will take me to stand up to fix it for the rest of us to make sure other candidates get due process and oversight. Pro-se with no attorney, I filed a Writ of Mandamus at the Virginia Supreme Court within 24 hours, and within a week I filed a federal brief. The Mandamus is requesting the nomination be rescinded and allows for Discovery (you can read that Discovery here: ), the federal court case is requesting that the Department of Elections be given jurisdiction to enforce election law such that Virginia election law states that if one becomes nominee through fraud then they must be set aside.

Fighting for the right things isn't fast, it isn't easy, it's a long arduous and lonely road filled quite honestly with many days of a loss of hope for our country. THE PEOPLE probably have to wait another election cycle to get the VOICE and FIGHTER they desperately need. THE PEOPLE are the ones who suffered from the hands of one individual and policies set up to allow party bosses to control election outcomes.

"We are not going to allow the party bosses to squelch the voice of the people. It's WE THE PEOPLE who choose OUR nominee. It's WE THE PEOPLE who decides who is going to represent US, and it is of the UTMOST importance that we fight for election integrity from the bottom all the way to the top".


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