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At your door, At your store, on YOUR Streets, Meet and Greet!

Wow! What an amazing week! We've got an incredible team and we have been burning up the pavement. This campaign is about YOU.....YOUR family, YOUR community, YOUR Country and Together WE CAN Make a Difference!

We've got a diverse team and we are working our way through ALL our communities to engage ALL voters! We are particularly excited about our youth engagement and getting all walks of life engaged! It will take ALL of US working together to solve a plethora of issues and help Save our Country, Communities, and Families!

Expect to find us everywhere! We have LOVED meeting everyone and there is SO much excitement in the air because WE THE PEOPLE are ready for a change and for a FIGHTER in the House!

We had a great time meeting people over multiple counties! We had a fantastic weekend rally in Tazewell County and Wise County as well!

And I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed meeting your BEST Friends!

This week we also did this!

Thanks to a Pastor I love and work closely with we were able to get a young lady into a treatment program to get her off the streets! In Roanoke there are waiting lists for addiction treatment, waiting lists for housing, and you can't get a bed when you are using. I'm thankful I was put in the right place at the right time. I just met this young lady a few days ago before her family court hearing when I went to speak to our homeless community. I'm so thankful that today we could help her with knowing her rights and how to proceed forward. I'm thankful to the local organization helping her and acting as an advocate for her so she isn't alone. Crack on the streets is being cut with fentanyl. Just this week one of their friends on the street died from an overdose. I'm so thankful we can get this young lady on the right path so she can have a bright future. It takes heart and more than a village. Help me win this seat so I can save so many more!

Expect to see us at your door, at your store, and anywhere and everywhere! Together WE CAN Make a Difference!

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