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East Palestine, Ohio, you have truly touched my heart. I'm so sorry for what happened in your beautiful hometown. My heart and prayers are with you. What is beautiful is the resilience and strength of people and those who step up to help in times of crisis, for example, the Ohio Comedy Club raised $800 to give out water to the community. (See the photos from someone's backyard below).

Prayers to all of those affected in East Palestine, Ohio. Some Train Derailements: 2/3 East Palestine, OH (50 cars, 10 hazardous - vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, isobutylene, phosphene) 2/14 Houston - hazardous materials 2/16 Detroit - liquid chlorine 2/20 metal plant explosion Bedford, Ohio 2/21 Gothenburg, Nebraska - possible hazardous material - not enough information 2/21 Frankford, Pennsylvania - pipe bomb found on tracks

Large number of FBI investigations of rail sabotage in the last two years

In 2022 100 attacks on our power grid last year

Less than a month ago the water supply was attacked in Tampa, Florida with sodium hydroxide/lye

Regarding East Palestine, Ohio - Hydrochloride acid mixed with unburned vinyl chloride has made its way in every direction

400 miles West of Lafayette 1200 miles North to Canada 1200 miles East to Boston and Salem Massachusetts 800 miles SW to Kentucky

In East Palestine there are no birds, in Virginia they are falling from the sky An estimated 44,000 fish dead in East Palestine and being caught in Virginia with sores on them

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